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Surprisingly though, GameFi has seen its crypto assets rise in winter. Particularly a token like Jedstar has not been affected as much by crypto winters. We will show you how Jedstar plans to protect itself from the adverse effects of crypto winters.

”We believe that similar to what blockchain is trying to achieve with the financial system, it is time that we empower the people that are the backbone of the industry, in this case the gamers and artists. Since launched in 2009, believers in a decentralised monetary system believed that crypto would eventually replace or at least co-exist with today’s existing currencies. 11 years later, only 4% of the global population own crypto and its use case as a method of payment even less prevalent.

Jedstar also adopts game-genre diversity and currently works on several Play-to earnn and Blockchain game genres. Jedstar, on the other hand, is a multi-game and virtualand P2E giants such as AXS or MANA that revolve within their metaverses. Jedstar, however, is a multimedia and gaming studio involved in CCGs, MetaMMORPGs, and hundreds more hypercasual games. Jedstar also announced that the company plans to develop films and create a Metaverse in its MMORPGs, which will feature intricately-woven fantasy stories. Jedstar recognizes the negative effects that crypto winters have on cryptocurrency and has taken steps to prepare for its success.

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These cycles are four years long, with the 2018 cycle being the first. Simply put, staking is similar to an interest-bearing savings account with a typical bank, except that compared to the returns you may get from your bank (typically between 2-3%), staking rewards typically average between 5-30%, with some crypto platforms offering over 100%. The market capitalization of $JED increased sharply from $8.4 million USD ($0.19 USD), to $22million USD ($0.5 USD) in the past month. AXS’ market cap has declined from $9.2 billion ($150 USD) down to $6.5 billion USD ($106 USD), and MANA’s increased from $5.3 Billon ($2.9 USD to $6.4 Billion US ($3.5). The overall market cap of this crypto winter saw JED experience a significant increase of 161% while AXS experienced a decrease of -29.3% to 20.8%. PancakeSwap is a fun and popular staking platform that provides users with the ability to stake any CAKE coins they accrue.

Jedstar is working to expand $KRED’s utility over the long-term, something that many people don’t know. $KRED is a universal cryptocurrency that can be used across all gaming platforms. GameFi tokens, such as Decentraland or Axie, are usually market-monopolistic. This means that their tokens can only be used in their games, NFT marketplaces, and metaverses.

Safe Cryptos To Invest in During a Crypto Winter

When you stake your CAKE coins, you can choose to earn additional CAKE or other types of coins. The token launched at $0.0001 and saw an all time high of $1.13 in November, and is currently sitting at a good entry level of $0.39. That is why JEDSTAR strongly believes believe that blockchain gaming, GameFi and in particular $KRED will be the tipping point for mass crypto adoption. In contrast, with the rise of mobile gaming, up to 40% of the world’s population could be considered at least casual gamers and we have seen the gaming industry generate over 170 Billion USD revenue in 2020 . JEDSTAR will also give gamers, developers, and artists the tools they need to create content for the metaverse.

Although Bitcoin and Ethereum may be very popular, experts still consider them speculative assets because they are highly exposed to market manipulations and high volume trading on large exchanges. Many crypto projects and sectors are performing poorly in the crypto winter because their performance closely mirrors the markets patterns for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Solana is an efficient blockchain that was designed with scalability in mind. This scalability is achieved via Solana’s low fees and quick transactions.

CEEK VR wants to bring music and live performance to the metaverse. The project has in fact invested heavily in its own propriety VR glasses to give users the ultimate experience. Jedstar ($JED), with its $22 Million market cap, has the lowest market cap, while AXS, MANA and MANA have a $6.1 Billion market cap. JED and AXS have also reached market caps of approximately $44 million, $9.2Billion, and $10.6Billion, respectively. When you delegate your stake to validators on Solana, you’ll be able to participate in the rewards that these individuals receive. SOL coins have performed extremely well over the past few months, reaching an All-time-high of $210 per coin.

  • This scalability is achieved via Solana’s low fees and quick transactions.
  • Jedstar is working to expand $KRED’s utility over the long-term, something that many people don’t know.
  • When you stake your CAKE coins, you can choose to earn additional CAKE or other types of coins.
  • Many crypto projects including GameFi projects such as AxieInfinity , and Decentraland, experienced similar drops in prices and market caps to Ethereum and Bitcoin last month.

When you stake your coins with Solana, you can expect to receive annual returns ranging from 7–11%. Discover the best online casinos in New Zealand from the reviews on Online Casino NZ. After the pandemic, which leads to restrictions to people movement and gathering, the need for the mobile casino has been at an all-time high to satisfy the need of casino lovers. The best mobile casinos in India have created more user-friendly interface to improve users experiences. There’s where the JEDSTAR team comes in, a team revolutionising DeFi, GameFi and in fervent pursuit of mass crypto adoption, and launching their second token $KRED in November. Jedstar looks like it’s going to be one of the major players in the metaverse/gaming/NFT space.

A good DeFi-GameFi project with massive growth potential in the crypto world, and is managed by a professional and caring dev team.

Top 3 crypto projects that could revolutionize virtual reality and the metaverse

SOL is one of the best staking coins because of the speed of transactions and the low cost for completing them. While you can’t manage your own node when staking on the Solana network, there are more than 640 validators with whom you can stake your coins. The SHIB token was designed to outpace the growth of Dogecoin and without reaching $0.01. Many investors see SHIB as an addition to their cryptocurrency portfolio, as an asset to buy and hold.

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It adopted sector-, genre-, and utility-oriented diversification strategies as well as embarking upon a long-term mission that is utility-focused. Understandably, staking gets especially popular during bearish markets, where crypto investors would simply hold on to their investments, rather than selling at a loss, while earning high rewards for doing so. On the ShibaSwap exchange, SHIB holders can stake their Shiba coins, representing their original SHIB holdings and staking rewards are BONE tokens and 0.03% of ETH swap transaction fees on the exchange. In comparison to platforms like Ethereum, transaction fees are considerably lower with Binance Smart Chain. Once you’ve obtained rewards on PancakeSwap, you can either claim them or reinvest them into the platform. The annual returns for the CAKE coin range from 31–42%, which makes this one of the best crypto staking coins on the market.

Concepts such as royalty for NFT creators; mining via a mobile app to allow lower-economical populations to earn income; anti ‘pump-and-dump’ mechanisms – just to name a few. The project is currently building a virtual reality universe and comes fully integrated with an NFT marketplace as well. In fact, in recent months the chain has been attracting a huge number of gaming and virtual reality projects. It is therefore a more attractive option for developers in the virtual reality niche. Solana is more of a blockchain infrastructure than a specific metaverse or virtual reality project. But infrastructure is crucial in the growth of virtual reality, and there is no better option out there than Solana.


KRED’s use case is therefore futureproofed, and will be further enhanced by its unique utility. It can be used by all entities that are involved in blockchain gaming. However, it is not limited technologically by any future blockchain standards.

jedstar coin

Jedstar’s strategy is to diversify into GameFi and DeFi crypto spaces, as well as the development and utility of $KRED. This will ensure that investors are protected from future crypto winters. Jedstar’s short-termed analysis of market caps has shown that it has done exceptionally well in this crypto winter, despite the fact volatility having a larger impact on tokens with lower market cap. GameFi, which is the booming cryptocurrency sector, will reach $180 Billon in 2021. One of the biggest fears for crypto investors is the occurrence of Crypto winters.


Now, the ShibaSwap exchange launch creates a far broader utility for SHIB because holders can stake and farm their tokens. Shiba Inu is unique because, whilst it runs on Ethereum , the initial supply of SHIB was minted on launch, which means that you can’t mine the token. The post Top 3 crypto projects that could revolutionize virtual reality and the metaverse appeared first on Coin Journal. Many crypto projects including GameFi projects such as AxieInfinity , and Decentraland, experienced similar drops in prices and market caps to Ethereum and Bitcoin last month. JEDSTAR is the ‘new kid on the block’ as far as projects go, but are already making waves in the crypto world with their unique approach to some of the problems plaguing the crypto world.

They will be launching their second token $KRED and their NFT Marketplace Agora end 2021, as well 2 blockchain games, one CCG and one MMORPG and their Metaverse in 2022. The price of LUNA, Terra’s native token, is also steadily trending upwards, currently trading above $90, over 12,000% increase from it’s price of $0.7 in January 2021. The coin now has a total market capitalization of $34.8 billion, placing it in the top 10 crypto projects. The annual staking reward for LUNA is around 12.10%, a substantial return which makes this one of the best cryptos to stake.

Cryptocurrency Rates, Current Altcoin Prices

So far, the CEEK universe is built with concert halls and other virtual performance venues. The project is also backed by some of the biggest music superstars in the world including Lady Gaga and others. And it is only through decentralisation that we will be able to take back what gaming studios felt entitled to and provide true ownership and income opportunities to those who have been really fuelling the gaming industry.


This is in contrast to cryptocurrency behemoths like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and other GameFi tokens such as Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and Ethereum. Terra , an open-source stablecoin network, hit an all-time high of $20.05 billion in total value locked, or TVL, wex coin price across its 13 product offerings, according to industry data. On Dec. 1, Terra’s TVL was at $11.9 billion, signifying a 68% increase in less than a month. This means that the platform’s users are investing in large quantities into the protocol to receive staking rewards.

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